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Heavy Racquet 7.2 oz.
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Heavy Racquet 7.2 oz.

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Price: $20.00

Heavy Racquet is the first one piece weighted training device for Tennis players. Other sports such as golf and baseball have enjoyed the benefits of using weights to warm up and practice for years. It features a unique patent pending design to fit your tennis racquets while you hit with it.
Heavy Racquet can:
Build muscle memory you can't get in the gym.
Create flexibility with a full shoulder turn.
Increase you racquet and ball speed.
For best results start out with half swings at half speed and slowly build up to full swing at no more than 75% full speed.
  • Web Description: Heavy Racquet 7.2 oz.
  • Color(s): Green, Black, Purple
  • Weight: 7.2 oz.
  • Sizes/Sizing: Fits Standard Size Adult Racquets
  • Fabric/Material: Rubber
  • Misc: Designed for hitting during warm-up before a match, not play.
  • Sport: Tennis