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Gamma Shockbuster Jar (48x)

Gamma Shockbuster Jar (48x)

Manufacturer ID# AJGSB
Price: $109.00

The original "worm" shaped vibration dampener that contacts the critical main strings and dampens out vibration with its patented Zorbicon filled design. Zorbicon center absorbs impact energy to eliminate shock.
  • Web Description: Gamma Shockbuster Jar (48x)
  • Color(s): Assorted Colors: Yellow, Orange, Purple, Black, Blue, White, Sky Blue, Pink, Red
  • Units in Pack: 48 Dampeners per Jar
  • Construction: Hook on each end.
  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Benefits: Twice as much Zorbicon gel for even more absorption.
  • Fabric/Material: A viscoelastic dampener which contains Zorbicon gel
  • Misc: Device is woven into the string bed.
  • Sport: Tennis