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Wilson Duo Control

Wilson Duo Control

Manufacturer ID# WRZ949720
Price: $19.95

Wilson's Duo Control is a hybrid string that blends NXT Control with Luxilon 4G Rough for a string bed optimized for spin, precision and tension maintenance. For ideal playability, reduce tension on Luxilon 4G Rough at least 10%. Either string can be installed in the mains for superior control and performance.
  • Web Description: Wilson Duo Control
  • Color(s): Gold/Natural
  • Composition: Co-Polymer Polyester (Luxilon 4G 125) / Nylon, PU (NXT Contol)
  • Gauge: 16L/(1.25mm) - Luxilon 4G Rough, 16g/(1.32mm) - NXT Control
  • Length: 20' x 20'
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Tension: Reduce tension on Luxilon 4G Rough at least 10% for ideal playability
  • Mains: 4G 125 Gold (16L)
  • Crosses: NXT Control (16g)
  • Sport: Tennis